Find the Causes of Tics to Find the Cures

Did you know that tic disorders like Tourette syndrome are diagnosed with a simple, short check list? Yet when a diagnosis is given, it often remains with someone their entire life.

Most unfortunately, the diagnosis of a tic disorder fails to tell us why the person has tics. No evaluation is required in conventional medicine to learn what may be causing the tics. Instead, drugs are routinely prescribed in an effort to subdue the tics.

Research is needed on the causes and triggers for tics

ACN Latitudes has been collecting data on causes of tics since 1996. Doctors and families report a link between tic symptoms and any number of factors such as nutritional imbalances, viral or bacterial infections, allergies, heavy metal overload, food sensitivities, toxic exposures, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives in foods, reactions to medications, physical imbalances (body structure), and immune system dysfunction, among others.

Our online survey with 1,670 participants confirmed several categories of environmental triggers for tics that could often be controlled if people were made aware of them. Sadly, mainstream approaches to tics fail to include the concept of triggers.

We need research to define all causes of tics so that preventive measures can be taken and targeted, effective treatments can be offered.

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