Help Spread the Word! It’s Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month

From May 15 to June 15 the world is celebrating Tourette Syndrome Awareness month. We hope you’ll take a few moments to help spread the word and support our efforts. With greater understanding comes better prevention and more effective, safer treatments for Tourette’s! We’ve made a special Awareness page with… [Read More]

Give Children the Promise of a Life Free of Tics

Growing up is stressful enough without having to deal with tics. We know that children with tics are often teased and bullied. Self-esteem can suffer at many levels. That would be rough enough to handle, but in addition, academics are often affected. It is hard to focus on school work… [Read More]

Join the Fight to Find Safe and Effective Treatments for Tics

After nearly 50 years of effort and many millions of dollars, major organizations and researchers focused on tic disorders have not found the cause or cure for chronic tic disorders, including Tourette syndrome. Why? Because they’ve been looking in the wrong direction. Conventional medicine has historically blamed genetics, while recommending… [Read More]

I Just Want The Tics to Stop

This common plea from children, teens, and adults dealing with tics is heartbreaking. Loved ones want so much to help, yet feel so powerless. Conventional medicines typically prescribed for tic conditions has a poor track record. The drugs used are notorious for their side effects, and they often are not… [Read More]

Environmental Toxins: A Critical Research Area for Tics and Tourette’s

Did you know that there’s a relationship between toxic chemicals and tics? Research documents the affect that toxins can have on the central nervous system. Our organization has collected reports from parents and adults about how chemical exposures triggered tics. Included in these reports are agents like chlorine, formaldehyde, scented… [Read More]