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Our family has trusted your organization and Latitudes.org for 25 years. You’ve been ahead of the curve all along and we know this effort can make a real difference.
Thank you for your passionate commitment to supporting suffering families through all the valuable information you share!! I could not agree with your mission more. We have been on this journey with our son for 6+ years now, and I am convinced that environmental factors are a key player in frequency and severity of tic symptoms. Sheila, set up your non-profit to fund alternative studies, and I will be the first to contribute!
Drugs cover symptoms, they don’t cure. I am so thankful for this site, and community. I want to share it with the world! So many children today are living with neurological issues. When I was in elementary, I seemed to be the only one with tics. Today, you can see 10 kids manifesting movement disorders in the cafeteria at the school during any lunch period. We have to ask ourselves, what has changed. Then, how do we help these children, and learn from our mistakes.
Neurologists, immunologists, infectious disease specialists, gastroenterologists and pediatricians along with all of us parents need to unite and let it be known we want answers and information that leads to healing and prevention, not more drugs.
We as a family have done our own research. I was so lucky to meet you, Sheila and an environmental physician during a trip to the USA. You both opened our minds to new possibilities [for treating Tourette syndrome]. Thank you Sheila and the many others who denounce the lack of research into fields that should and must be investigated for the sake of true medicine and for our loved ones.
We have found Sheila Rogers’ book “Natural Treatment for Tourettes” to be a godsend. I think all doctors treating patients with Tourettes should be given a copy.
Thank you for being an advocate for those of us who know there has to be another way than giving our kids so many harmful drugs to treat their tics!
Just as there can be many causes for headaches, there can be many causes for tics.” So true! I know that for my own family, I don’t want to leave any stones unturned and will not be content with hearing that it’s OK when symptoms wax and wane.
The implementation of the information and suggestions provided here and through your forums has equaled a tremendous amount of tic relief for our son and hope for our family. After researching we tried alternative options which have mitigated motor tics 90-95%. Removal of all household chemicals, avoidance of milk plus a mostly organic diet with supplementation has worked wonders. Humbly we are not out of the woods but extremely hopeful. Thank you and kudos to all of the bold pioneers who dare to think outside of the box and advocate on behalf of children.
Thank you so much for your dedication to this site and for your unrelenting commitment to helping families find alternative and healthier treatments for their children. We changed our family diet, no wheat, dairy, food coloring, processed foods, no refined sugar… sound familiar? The doctor also put our son on a number of supplements some of which are natural anti-inflammatories and calm his nervous system. Within weeks the results were mind blowing. 5-6 simultaneous simple and complex motor and phonic tics to one motor tic. A year later I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop at peek periods- school, holidays… Still one tic, sometimes none. I think we could probably eradicate it all together if we were more diligent but we follow an 80/20 rule with all the restrictions. It’s a good balance for us- his only tic is not noticeable to him or others and we are not robbing him and his brothers of every joy in life at things like birthday parties and eating out. We have learned so much about the why and building immune and neurological system health since working with this doctor. If we weren’t so determined and motivated he would be on a cocktail of drugs right now none of which would be addressing the underlying cause or disruptions in his system. This whole time I am constantly riddled by WHY no one looked at all this as a first course of action?
When my daughter’s symptoms started suddenly. I had no idea where to turn. Your information on PANDAS sent me in the right direction. We aren’t out of the woods yet but are well on our way. We now know what we are dealing with and have found the help we need.
Your organization’s website was enormously helpful to me! I started an elimination diet for my son and we discovered that his tics are brought on by gluten, corn, cane sugar; MSG does it also.
After several years of conventional treatment for Tourette syndrome (with mediocre results), we learned our son has food allergies. Through a combination of limiting certain foods and focusing on a whole foods diet along with vitamins, minerals, herbs and elimination of most artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, he is now virtually symptom-free. His aggressive behavior, which had been a major problem, is non-existent when we follow his diet faithfully.
Sheila, please keep doing what you are doing. Perhaps you can ally with other groups with a similar challenge and message? I don’t know how this might be achieved, but if anyone can do it, I believe you can.
We took our son to an integrative physician and found he is allergic to yeast,  molds, and some foods. We have started therapy and see that tics coincide with environmental factors. We spent a week in a moldy, musty beach house and his Tourette and tic symptoms worsened, including extreme torso spasms and head movements. Once back in the controlled home environment, his symptoms have almost disappeared and he is doing very well. I want to thank your organization for the support and valuable information provided on ACN Latitudes.
I am truly thankful for finding Sheila Rogers on the internet after taking my son to doctors for years for his tics. He was never diagnosed with Tourette’s but for over three years he was seeing a neurologist and taking blood pressure medicine for his tics, which were steadily increasing. I asked numerous professionals for advice and there was none except that hopefully he would grow out of them.

When I first started reading her book, Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourettes, we took small steps to change things in the home. I began using organic cleaning materials, cut down the amount of video games being watched and eliminated some of the obvious foods additives.

During this time I took my son for a comprehensive food allergy test. It took a few months to receive the report. I took him off his prescribed drug, gave him magnesium supplements, and started keeping a food journal. As a single mom with a full time career it was hard to make substantial changes so I have done what I can within reason.

When we received the results back I was astounded. He was allergic to eggs, bananas, and vanilla bean among some other foods too. In the past he would eat all three items almost daily. We have not eliminated them completely, but have minimized their intake and I can say his tics are barely noticeable. I know if I explained this to his pediatrician and neurologist they would say it is a coincidence because there is no medical proof. New studies are needed so that this information is available to everyone who has a child or loved one suffering.

Thank you Sheila for opening my eyes and helping my son!

Please continue your work, Sheila. Not only will countless kids benefit from your knowledge, expertise and good will, but, hopefully, national groups will step up to the plate and do the right thing.
After a serious struggle with Tourette syndrome, our daughter is doing very well, thanks to an alternative practitioner. This past year we eliminated milk, eggs, and, particularly, yeast from her diet. We have also used hypnosis. When I mentioned our nutritional program to the local Tourette support group, they seemed totally disbelieving and negative. I have kept my faith in God and thank you for the encouraging stories in ACN Latitudes; you brought me hope during some of the darkest hours of my life.
I write this as the mother of a child diagnosed with TS who is leading a normal life thanks to Sheila sharing the findings of families and forward-thinking physicians. My daughter’s life would have been far from normal if I had not found her book by chance on Amazon.

Please put aside the politics and share her work with those Tourette  sufferers in need. In doing so, you could transform people’s/children’s lives just like my daughter’s was.

Thank you for your site. My son’s tics are almost completely mitigated by avoidance of allergens (gluten, dyes, chemicals), as well as with supplementing with vitamins and nutritional therapies that help alleviate the toxic load on his system. I’ve known forever that this isn’t in line with the conventional approach because anything natural (hence inexpensive) will be ignored.
Sheila, you helped us when our son was 7. He had severe Tourettes and the side effects of the drugs were awful. We relied on Latitudes and your advice for years. An environmental doctor helped tremendously. Turned out our son was very allergic. He is now in college. Wish we could get him to control his diet better, but otherwise doing well. Keep it up. There’s lots of families like ours.
My poor boy suffered through a lot. Tics started appearing at three. By seven he was doing horrible with all around multiple tics!! He was walking on all fours and having a terrible time with allergies! We were told he had asthma along with all his tics.
Diet changes helped my child. Environmental changes helped my child. We went all organic and used healthy cleaning products. We put our son on a diet that reduced his allergies and sensitivities greatly. We boosted his immune system with probiotics and then in the long run he didn’t get sick as often.

My child never took an allergy med and his tics improved significantly! I would be more then happy to stand in front of millions of people and say that my children’s tics were helped by diet, improving the immune system and addressing environment factors.

If it wasn’t for the ACN Latitudes.org website to guide me, I fear what would happen to my children.

You cannot just classify a child with a tic and put him into a group of “Tourette syndrome” until you know further. Every child is different and need to look into the root causes [of symptoms].

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