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5 thoughts on “Great! You’re Almost Done”

  1. I have battled tics since I was 9 years old. I am 69 and am embarrassed because of my problem. I also have adhd and found this out when I was 58. I don’t want meds because of side effects. I want a holistic approach for my problem.

  2. I agree with u on use of mess. Have u found any alternative such as diet? I strongly feel diet plays a part in controlling tics because years ago the use of artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, artificial coloring, pesticides were not add to our foods or to the raising of animals or the growing of plants and vegetables. Do u think diet can play apart in the cause and the control of tic disorder?

  3. Need help. My 23 yr old son has a sniffing blowing tic wish is driving him and us nuts!! He had seen family Dr and ENT. Any help

  4. Do vaccines cause tics? I’m a mom of four sons who all exhibit tics and some show signs of ADD, ADHD, OCD. I noticed that my youngest gets strep throat symptoms on his tics get worse during and after. I was diagnosed at about 7 with Tourette’s. Never on meds for it and also had horrible stomach problems for most of my life. I was vaccinated.

  5. My daughter had tics and it was all about dyes, Citrus, milk etc.That was 30 years ago. I told doctors and back then they thought I was crazy!

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